Holistic Back Pain Treatment in Whangarei

  • Are you suffering from chronic or acute back pain?
  • Have you had an accident or injury and suffer from back pain?

Stephen thats me from Extension Body Therapies in Whangarei I would like to welcome you to my website. I love using Bowen therapy, myofascial bodywork, orthobionomy, somatic exercises to help people regain their health and become pain free.

What does the Bowen Therapy treatment involve?

Bowen treatment involves me making gentle deliberate moves across muscles, tendons and sometimes ligaments. I then wait for a period of 2-3  minutes, this allows you’re body to respond and make the required adjustments that bring your system back to balance. I continue this at various places on the body depending on your ailment. The total time touching the body may be 2 minutes per 1 hour treatment. Quiet often you can feel extremely tired after the session. All the time you are fully clothed covered by a blanket.

How is Bowen Therapy different to other treatments?

With Bowen therapy we do not use heavy pressure on the tissue like massage therapists and we do not attempt to adjust the skeleton directly like chiropractors. We use a gentle more targeted approach. For example in cases where a person has acute or chronic lower backpain a gentle cross fiber move that lasts for 3 seconds on a specific lumbar extensor region and then another cross fiber 3 second move on a specific point in the buttock is often all that is required for the muscles to relax and the pain to disappear.

What will my back pain treatment include?

As well as addressing back pain issues I always try to release muscles that will help you better regulate your nervous system so that you can better deal with stress and anxiety.

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