Holistic Back Pain Treatment in Whangarei

  • Are you suffering from chronic or acute back pain?
  • Have you had an accident or injury and suffer from back pain?

Stephen thats me from Extension Body Therapies in Whangarei. I would like to welcome you to my website. I have been using Bowen therapy since 1995 to help people regain their health and become pain free.

What does the Bowen Therapy treatment involve?

Bowen treatment involves me making gentle deliberate moves across different muscles, ligaments and tendons. I then wait for a period of 2-3  minutes, so your body can relax and make changes to your system.

For example in cases where a person has had lower back pain for years a gentle 3 second cross fiber move on a specific lower back region and then another cross fiber 3 second move on the buttock is often all that is required for the muscles to let go and relax and the pain to disappear. Yes its as simple as two or three treatments of these Bowen moves is all that is required.

All the time you are fully clothed covered by a blanket.

How is Bowen Therapy different to other treatments?

With Bowen Therapy my hands are briefly on your body, I do not use heavy pressure on the tissue like some other therapies and I do not attempt to adjust the skeleton directly. I use a gentle but firm pressure so your body can register an intervention but in such a manner that it does not want to tense up but allows you to relax into a new pain free state.

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