Holistic Back Pain Treatment in Whangarei

  • Are you suffering from chronic or acute back pain?
  • Have you had an accident or injury and suffer from back pain?
  • Have you tried other treatments that haven’t helped?

Stephen Gin from Extension Therapies in Whangarei has a holistic approach to curing back pain. He applies his extensive knowledge of Bowen therapy and other healing practices to help regain a balanced body without pain. He will get to the root cause of your back pain and look at the full picture, not only treat the symptoms.

Back pain can become chronic due to a few factors. The majority of the time its caused by an imbalance in the musculo-skeletal system, however sometimes the root of the problem may be emotional or linked to dietary factors.

What does Bowen Therapy treatment involve?

You may have heard of the benefits of Bowen Therapy or tried modalities of it before. In the first session, we will assess and treat the whole body rather than just focusing on the local area. The main goal is to achieve a basic balancing of the entire body first, in order to treat the cause of the problem correctly. The next session will start the process of alignment and move towards the area of concern. The lower back area is the foundation to it all.

How is Bowen Therapy different to other treatments?

Bowen Therapy takes a very holistic, gentle and non-intrusive approach. Stephen will teach and remind your body how to relax – realignment and adjustments will happen simultaneously yet smoothly.

At Extension Body Therapies in Whangarei, injury or back pain treatment does not stop at Bowen Therapy. Stephen will extend his treatment to more expedient, myofascial work and show you exercises to improve your awareness of your body and how it should function. The main goal of Stephen’s chronic pain treatments for problems such as back pain is to get the body to a pain free state and maintain it here. Get in touch to book your appointment now.

What will my back pain treatment include?

Chronic back pain may come from how you walk, how you stand or sit and the way you use your major joints. Most treatments are short-lived as they don’t factor these habits in. Other factors that will be taken into account is your pain history and any existing pre-medical conditions. Stephen will ask about your diet and stress level and carry out a general physical assessment to find any asymmetries in your system, such as one leg being longer than the other. Extension Body Therapies in Whangarei will look at all these factors and give you indications on how to adjust your posture, diet and help with stress levels to maintain your body in a pain free state or if necessary refer you to another specialist such as psychologists to help further.


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