Read what some of my clients have to say

“Each time I am so impressed that such a subtle approach can result in such obvious improvements in pain levels, energy levels and my general sense of wellbeing.  He has such a grounded presence and is genuinely interested in helping to improve my sense of health and wellbeing. I always leave feeling that I have gotten so much more out of a session than I went in for.”

Natalie CookPhysiotherapist, craniosacral therapist and pilates instructor

Jason has been seeing Steve since 2000. “When he works on me, aches and pains mysteriously disappear.”

Jason WynyardNZ World Champion Axeman

I was losing ability to use my shoulder due to a rotator cuff injury which effected my golf swing but after some treatments and nutritional advice from Stephen things really feel great. It’s good to go to golf again. Peter (age 86 years)

Peter Mckeowan

In March 2015 I was recommended Steve as a treatment provider for an on-going issues with my elbows that was effecting my work and general day to day activities, several different treatment providers gave limited relief. I found Steve’s approach was pragmatic and easy to understand. His Extension Therapy practice is something I can apply and get benefit from every day. My body feels better, my sleep patterns are better and my decision making is better. Running two restaurants requires long periods of time being awake and mobile, Steve has given me tools to live and work better. I am  grateful for his input.

Nick KeeneOwner Schnapper Rock Resturant

“Steve is an experienced Bowen Therapist who worked with RASNZ for seven years. During this time he assisted refugees from varied backgrounds with a wide range of muscular, skeletal and postural problems. Steve’s diagnostic skills are finely tuned and he quickly identifies problem areas and focuses his treatments accordingly. He brings a holistic perspective to his work and, where required, integrates his treatments with practitioners from a range of disciplines. Steve’s treatment approach is very effective, as evidenced by the many positive outcomes his clients experienced.”

Tony CooperClinical Manager of Refugees as Survivors NZ

“I went in with shoulder pain. Steve used Bowen therapy and incorporated other [styles of treatment] as well. I’ve had anxiety in the past from working with different therapists. He was very careful not to use words which made me feel tense, I really liked that. He also recommended supplements which I could take.

“He really made sure that I felt secure and I felt comfortable. It wasn’t just a 20 minute in-and-out: he took a lot of time to make sure he covered as much as he could in one session. I felt the results for days afterwards. My husband went to him as well and walked out feeling good immediately.”

Tia HealeyGym Instructor

“Having tried a number of other health professionals in Whangarei, I came to Steve having been recommended by a family member. I was experiencing considerable back and neck pain including headaches and pain referring down my arms and legs. In my occupation as an architect, I sit for long periods of time in front of a computer. This together with building work in the weekends meant my body just felt wrecked.

“The first thing I noticed about Steve was how healthy he looked and his excellent posture. He seems to be someone who was walking his talk. What struck me about his therapy was how holistic it seemed, based on a sound philosophy. I had been missing this. He gave me the feeling I could take control of my own wellbeing by becoming more aware of my body and implementing some simple exercises.

“I still don’t fully understand what Steve does, or how he does it, but the results speak for themselves and I know it works!’

Jeff BrickellArchitect

“I was referred to him by my yoga teacher and her mother. The two of them told me how wonderful it was. Bowen therapy […] involved him gently touching my head, neck, shoulders and arms. Really, I suppose he was realigning my whole body. I am still feeling the effects of his therapy now, it’s ongoing. He’s also taught me different strategies for relaxing myself and working on my posture to help the alignment of my spine. He’s also given me mindfulness techniques.

“Steve has been always available – I can even text him and he will reply with advice on remedies. He’s very approachable. Also, he calls after a few days to see how I’m getting on. He takes a personal interest.”

Vicky Seccombe Office Manager

My work involves spending hours in awkward positions hence my neck and shoulders are always tense and painful and frequently out of alignment. I started seeing Stephen on recommendation of a friend and found his depth of knowledge and life experience to flow through into his wide ranging methods of treatment. He has an ability to assess his patients musculo-skeletal needs as well as their stress levels and relaxation requirements and give them an individualized exercise regime for between visits. I always leave feeling a deep relaxation and that I have been straightened out without ever having felt anxious or uncomfortable during the treatment.

Rachel MossPhysician/Surgeon

My name is Christine Thirling from Ruakaka and for many years I was suffering from a shoulder injury. Neither a doctor nor a specialist could help me with my pain. In the end they determined that I was suffering from early stages of arthritis and there was nothing they could do. I recieved a cortisone injection and that was the end of it. For at least four years I tried all kinds of exercises to get rid of my pain. Sometimes it worked for a little while but most of the time it didn’t. In the end it was so bad and the pain so great that I was unable to lift my left arm far enough behind me to close my bra, nor could I turn to the left when sleeping as I would wake up in pain. By coincidence I heard about Bowen therapy and decided to give it a go. I started my treatment more than a year ago with Stephen Gin from Extension Body Therapies and never looked back. Stephen has done wonders for my shoulder. We started with a weekly therapy and I felt an immediate improvement after my first treatment. After a month Stephen was satisfied enough with my progress to change the weekly therapy to a fortnightly treatment and two months later to a monthly treatment. After 7 months of therapy, I have fully recovered and see Stephen now every three months for maintenance treatment only. I am very impressed with Stephen’s skills and would recommend him without hesitation to any person who is in pain or wants to try out Bowen therapy.

Christine ThirlingAdministrator

For many years I have suffered with lower back pain which recently became aggravated; I sought advice help from various health practitioners without relief, fortunately for me, a friend suggested going to see Stephen I’ve not looked back since….. From the outset Stephen was attentive genuinely concerned for my wellbeing.  His gentle subtle treatment was surprisingly (and happily) effective, my pain relief was immediate! Stephen supported this with follow up text the next day to see how I was feeling, and still does. Stephen has also given advice re: posture, diet, sleep and introducing supplements, so creating an all-round treatment for my continued recovery. I always leave feeling relaxed, calm, centred and pain free….. I would recommend Stephen to anybody that is suffering with pain, because you don’t have to!!

Bernice FeeneyOccupational Support Worker

I have suffered from back and neck pain, RSI, asthma for many years these conditions worsened as I became older. 18 months ago I moved to Whangarei, I had been getting Bowen treatment before moving so googled a therapist in Whangarei.

After reading Stephen’s profile I decided to visit him. I am so pleased I did, Stephen listens. It is such a relief to be able to talk things over with someone who understands. As well as the hands on treatment he suggests gentle exercises which I believe is the reason I am so much better.

Helen SharpeBusiness Owner

I was referred to Stephen by a customer from where I work. Originally went for my tennis elbow. Somehow Stephen has improved this immensely. Also discussed diet to reduce inflammation. I’m feeling wonderful. Highly recommend. I have told friends about him.

Maree MartinSale Assistant

I went to see Stephen Gin on the recommendation of my wife, when my neck and headaches became constant. I found him to be approachable and professional. After the initial Q&A consultation, which established the reason for my visit and painted a picture of my medical history, Stephen got straight to the point and diagnosed an excessive and repetitive use of certain muscles in my hands which all things being connected, ended up in my neck and shoulders. He was correct, I had been squeezing a caulking gun for a long period of time at work but hadn’t joined the dots and made the connection myself. I was busy thinking I needed to arrange for a scan to look for tumours!! Or at least change my pillow!!  He suggested some remedial exercises to counterbalance the tension and I’ve not been troubled since.
I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen because of his skills and the good results I received.

Mike FerneyBoatbuilder

After on going neck and back pain then injuring my back at work I went to see Steven and noticed an improvement that day.  After a second appointment completely sorted. His gentle approach and technique made a huge difference.  Also noticed my other aches and pains all gone and not just putting up with them. I will recommend Steven to anyone in the need.

Andy Steedman Pump Technician